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Latest News:

September 06 Update's

[download] · GridInventory 1.1

August 06 Update's

[download] · Confirmation GUI 1.00
[download] · Battleships 0.1
[download] · MultiResponse 1.0

[download] · Name Creator 2.1

A couple of templates updated to work with newer AGS versions.

July 06 Update's

[download] · PersistentSpeech 2.1
[download] · Vector 1.0
[download] · Journal' Module 1.0
[download] · Lake 1.0
[download] · Properties 1.0
[download] · CharacterFonts 1.1
[download] · Panorama 1.1

[download] · MegaVerb GUI (Pic)
[download] · Enhanced Verbcoin Gui v1.0c (Pic)

June 06 Update's

I just wanted you to know that this site is still being updated regularly. I will add a new update like this every month, which will be edited when new resources are available. Anything added in May wont be listed as that's when this site went online.

[download] · DialogBox 1.0
[download] · Mouse Gesture System 1.0
[download] · noblock 0.7
[download] · Pull Down Menus 1.3
[download] · Lightning module 1.0
[download] · LineBreak 1.0a

[download] · JAZZ

31\05\06 - Site moved
Thanks to a generous contribution of hosting space from AGA, the site has been moved to www.americangirlscouts.org/agsresources/ I now have reliable downloads and no adverts at all any ware on my site. I could still use some feedback on the site, email me at jedi.information@mindless.com

23\05\06 - mod's and plugins are now credited
Due to a suggestion on the AGS board I have added the names of those who made each module and plugin. I haven't done templates yet because I haven't got a clue who made any of them. Also I have gotten rid of those annoying text adverts at the top of the page as they didn't make any money and they are pretty ugly.

20\05\06 - walkthrough's online
I have converted a lot of walkthrough's for AGS games into .txt format and zipped them up for download in the new misc section. More walk troughs will be added to the zip file by at least 22\05\06.

17\05\06 - Site Updated (Almost finished)

Yea that's right, an update. Not really surprising since this site isn't finished yet. In the first upload I did upload all of the plugins but I'd forgotten to add the links to the files, I've now done that.

  · The Plugins page now has downloads available.
  · Added Programs page with downloads.
  · Fonts download page
  · Templates section added

That's all for now, come back again as I should have some more content up soon. This site should be mostly complete by Thursday 18th may.

15\05\06 - Site Online

Hi, How you doin? this is a new site crammed full of AGS stuff, plus some other things which could help AGS developers (That's you). I aim to cram this site full of modules, fonts, programs, tutorials, templates and just about anything else I can get my hands on that might help you guys out. I will try to update this site at least once a month (depends how many modules and things are released). Anyway if I've missed something or somebody releases a new module, feel free to email me at jedi.information@mindless.com

  · News page up
  · Modules ready for download
  · Plugins page ready.

And finally, If you want me include a link to your page (or game), just tell me and ill include it in the next update.

All files are hosted on American Girls Scouts.

Created By Jason Kay 2006